Laura Lippincott


Inspired by watching the Club Penguin Puffles, I thought how cool it would be to create a painting machine. Let's create a real oil painting robot!

USA Series

Neko and I are working on a series of paintings for every state. For text analysis, we're using 50 great American novels. For image analysis, we're using photos I've taken on road trips.

Pigment Quartets

Pigment is the basis of Neko's color system. We're building up a wheel to represent all 360 hues. This series explores the pigments in sets of four.

Kickstarter Series

I asked friends, family, and strangers to contribute to a year of Neko's development. In return, Neko and I are painting each of the 40 donors' favorite colors.


I build and program my robots myself. I like to develop them slowly and keep a detailed account of the process, so I don't miss anything. This is a record of Neko's current technology.


This is a catalog of all the pigments Neko and I use, and some of their basic information.


This is an index of all my frequently used parts and code.